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At The Banyan Group, we recognize we are not the total answer.  While we are well educated, well prepared and bring lots of experience to the table, we also have a limited amount of time to spend with clients, and a skill-set that may not meet every need. Our clients don't stop seeking answers just because our session ends.  Information, inspiration and creativity are an important part of the process, and these elements often come later, as you think through what we've shared together, processing your thoughts on your own.  

To this end we aim to offer excellent resources to augment our work, whether in therapy, coaching or consultation.  For some of the larger, more complex subjects we offer courses in our Online Learning Portal that address specific subjects in an interactive environment. But many times a short video presentation, a book excerpt, or an audio clip can make all the difference, pointing out what we've been saying in another way, shedding light on the issue in a whole new perspective.  On this page we keep links to relevant standalone resources we can point our clients to.  This page changes frequently as new titles are added and older ones are removed, so we encourage you to check here often for new items of interest that are relevant to your situation.

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