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People get stuck.  It happens.  It's a simple fact of life, and it's happened to everyone at one time or another.  If you need a mental health professional we heartily recommend both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, depending on the issues you're trying to resolve.  


Most people don't really need a mental health professional.  Often Solution-Focused Coaching can help you see where you need to go and begin taking steps to get there.  Professional Coaching focuses on solutions, rather than problems, to help you set smart goals, understand the path upward, and take the next step in your progress toward success.


Many non-profit organizations are struggling to accommodate the social and cultural change that is occurring all around us. Between government regulation, increasingly mobile staff and leadership and the ever-present tendency to creep away from our mission, vision and values, managing everything in-house has become a daunting proposition.  A professional consultation with governing board, leadership and/or staff personnel can help define the mission and goals of the organization, arriving at a clearly stated identity, and then outline the changes that must occur in order to be true to that identity.

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