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“Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall.” 

Jodi Picoult 

Written documentation, resume work, technical documents and well-written essays are an often-overlooked element as a client prepares to step up their career profile.  Applications for new employment, specialized documentation, statistical studies and other written material are often scoured for grammatical and style errors, in an attempt to discern an applicant’s attention to detail and professional excellence. For this reason, the Banyan Group coaching services include proofing and re-writing of such material to ensure success.  We work through all professional formats – MLA, APA, AMA, etc. as appropriate – and standardize a client’s own personal style of writing so that everything turned in to a prospective employer or screener presents a uniform, professional style. 


What You Get


When a client engages our coaching services to achieve the next level in their career we always recommend that every document turned in with their name on it has a single, uniform format and style.  We read everything in advance, making sure it presents our client in the best possible light, as a professional with high standards for written as well as oral work. Whether it's a Thesis for a Master's Degree, a Doctoral Dissertation or just a resume, your written work reflects who you are.  What our clients end up with is a uniform representation, in print, of the image they desire to project to the business community, to academia or to the world at large. 


Once we see the volume of work that is entailed in a single project, the client receives an estimate showing the number of hours it will take to complete their written work.  Next, a personal consultation ensures that the written work conforms not only to written excellence but reads in a way commensurate with the client’s own speaking and writing style. 


Each document is a project in itself, and also a part of the larger project, and all written work of this sort is billed separately at $32.00 per hour.  Every document is written, edited and re-edited until the client is satisfied that it reflects their intended meaning and a writing style they can agree with, so it is exactly as if they wrote it themselves. While some extra cost is incurred in the process, we often find this meticulous attention to detail makes the difference and gives our client an edge over their competitors.


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