Why Banyan?  What's That About?

People on every continent revere the stalwart banyan tree for its ancient stature and ability to persevere through time. Beginning as a small sapling, the banyan eventually becomes a tightly knit community of trees, each standing on its own, and yet, all part of the larger root network. Outward from the central trunk, new branches emerge and grow, eventually touching ground and then developing their own individual root systems, bringing new resources and nourishment to themselves and, ultimately, to the whole network as well.  As the system expands, covering new territory, each individual branch is called upon to support the central system while developing its own root network.  The banyan is, though composed of individual trees, an organic community that is self-sustaining, self-limiting, self-initiating and multi-generational. The metaphor should be clear.  The banyan tree represents a natural model, not only for our own development as an organization, but also for how we hope to help individuals, families and organizations develop, stand and thrive in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of the 21st Century.


The Banyan Group exists to employ resources from the helping professions to address Local, Regional & International Needs For Social Work, Counseling, Coaching and Consulting.


The threefold mission of The Banyan Group is:

  1. Counseling to enhance the quality of life in society through the practice of social work and counseling to bring wholeness to the whole person, to help families maintain integrity and to serve the marginalized and poor, promoting respect for human dignity.

  2. Coaching to enable clients to identify and clearly articulate their purpose in life, discover their personal strengths, set credible goals with realistic steps to reach them, and pursue a life that fulfills their personal potential.
  3. Consulting to provide valuable perspective and credible solutions from the disciplines of organizational development, leadership and management training, policy governance and group communication techniques to meet the unique challenges of non-profit organizations who seek the best for others rather than profit for themselves.  

Core Values

  1. Compassion
  • We give, serve, and do what is necessary to meet needs in our community; local, regional and international.
  1. Community
  • We work for healthy, life-sustaining relationships
  • We seek solutions that empower
  • We accept people as they are
  1. Integrity
  • We respect the value of the individual
  • We honor the role of the family
  • We promote the well-being of the whole person; physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

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