Special Training For Active Military & Veterans

Whether you are a service member, veteran, military family member, referring professional, or friend, military life - especially deployments or mobilizations - can present challenges that are both unique and complicated. Some of these challenges are manageable, and some of them are not. Often times we are able to work through various issues on our own. In some cases though, these issues get worse and become too much. It is during these difficult times that we should seek help from qualified professionals who are trained in military-specific subjects, and can address the special challenges we face as service members, veterans and military friends and families. 

Counselors and Coaches at The Banyan Group are Star Behavioral Health Providers, specially trained and listed in the registry at starproviders.org. We honor the service and sacrifice made by those who serve, as well as those who previously served, and offer special rates, sliding scale fees and, in some cases, pro-bono services for U.S. Military personnel and Veterans and their families, for service-related issues.  Special training for the kinds of issues faced by our active military and veterans, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia, Deployment-related family issues are just some among the many issues for which we are prepared.

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Positive Change:  Sometimes those words seem like two opposites, strangely connected in a random phrase.  For many people, change is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of positive things.  For many people, families and organizations change is not positive, because it brings discomfort, discord, dysfunction and division.  We know it doesn’t have to be that way.  And we instinctively believe there must be a way to manage change that brings us to a place of agreement, comfort and unity.  But finding that way can be a daunting task.


The Banyan Group  is a private, independently organized non-profit practice, dedicated to counseling, coaching and consulting, always with a view to managing change in such a way as to bring positive, helpful and hopeful results.  


Perhaps you're visiting our website as part of a search for help in your personal life; or for direction in your career; or maybe as part of a search for help answering some particular questions about the structure, leadership or management of your church or non-profit organization.  The Banyan Group provides resources from a wide range of experience and expertise, seeking to add value to what you are already doing in any or all of these areas.  We believe in being helpers, not in "reinventing the wheel.”  We seek to help our clients discover the missing piece, whether by counseling, coaching or consultation, to get their life, their career or their organization to a place of positive change.  


We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the services we offer. As you seek assistance, it is important that you are always well informed and an active participant in your journey toward positive change. We welcome questions and invite you to contact us about the process and our work together.

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