Thelma Dunlap's 100th Birthday

Here is the Slideshow that was playing at Thelma's 100th Birthday Party.  It can be downloaded in its entirety as a movie file playable by most devices by selecting THIS LINK:

Here are the images from the slideshow at Thelma's 100th Birthday Party.  You may save any images you wish to your computer as you view them.  Depending upon your device, a right mouse click (on iPhone tap and hold on the thumbnail image) will allow you to save the images of your choice.

Thelma Makes the Century Club

Several weeks before the big event Hector Hernandez Jr. editor of the Banning Record Gazette visited Thelma at her home for a candid interview.  Mr Hernandez told us that he assigns most stories to his reporters due to the workload of getting the paper out on time, but he reserves the interviews with centenarians for himself because it is his favorite thing to do.  It shows through in the article he wrote.  (Article reprinted from the Banning Record Gazette Friday, November 3, 2023.)

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